To the ones who share humanity’s home with all.

What factors are we up against in our search for peace, truth and a fair life for all. Though wars seem never ending and the road ahead seems hopeless, we must work harder than ever and push for the changes needed to make our world a just one!


The World's Bloody Conflicts

There are many conflicts on our planet, which are causing pain, torture, hunger, displacement, and injustice for all involved, including those caught in the middle of them. I ask myself what responsibility I might have for that suffering. None directly, but if I say nothing and do nothing, then with my silence I am not helping to starve of oxygen the fuel that keeps these confrontations going. Everyone is responsible for making conscientious decisions or choices in their daily lives, because they all affect others to some degree. If I buy a certain shoe, I help maintain a sweatshop and an overpriced CEO; if I choose a certain coffee, I nurture a sustainably funded community. Keep an eye on those with power constantly seeking for more, and seek to ensure that your money doesn't end up in the stream that feeds their greed and thus creates the conditions for conflicts. In the reckless pursuit of far-flung resources and cheap labour, countries go to war and tyrants crush their populations with one hand while taking corporate bribes with the other. To turn the tide, all consumers must deliberately shift their buying habits toward businesses and communities that don't support that staus quo. Education is needed so that the average person knows that they have the power to put an end to the injustices of this world. That is why events such as the protests in Seattle in 1999 against the WTO are important. It was a dramatic show of solidarity by the people for the people of the world against the Man in power. It was brutally dealt with, but not defeated. The main message was, if the people are united they won’t be defeated.

Let’s try to look at the world’s conflicts from different angles. For instance, how big a role do ethnic disputes play? It's hard to say precisely how many such struggles are taking place across the world. The New York Times had a look at the world's ethnic conflicts and suggests that there are 10 in the Middle East, 15 in sub-Saharan Africa, 11 in Asia, 4 in Latin America and 8 within Russia. Examine, then consider, the underlying factors of these supposed ethnic clashes and who profits from them. It seems that much of the world is engaged in pitting one ethnic group against another.

Or perhaps one can say religious differences fuel the passions that lead to armed struggles? Could religions be the cause of many conflicts? They shouldn’t be; after all they say that God is kind, merciful, and wise. If so then why did God sent different prophets to set up conflicting religions? It is a mess, isn’t it? None believe nor trust other religions and each group thinks they are right. Any sign of moderation is decried as selling out, or more importantly, of abandoning God’s will; and this religious extremism then fuels hatred and yet more conflict. Is this all really a struggle between good and evil, or is religion another method of control for gaining power and wealth, no matter who is hurt? I and many others believe religion is another method of dividing humanity for better control of the world's markets and resources. When there is a conflict, UN peacekeeping is there to protect who - the people or world corporate interests? If it was truly for peacekeeping, then what went wrong in Somalia when the Canadian peacekeeping mission was there in 1994; when Canadian soldiers at a desert outpost in Somalia posed with a blindfolded, bruised and bloodied Somali teenager, who was tortured until he died a few hours later. How did that happen? Let's see how our peacekeeping missions are working around the world to prevent conflicts:

2. Canada's Peacekeeping Myth

As for the U.S. and Russia, they bravely intervene in, or create, any conflict as it pleases them for their own strategic interests. A History of U.S. Military Interventions, 1890-2018. The United States interacts with foreign nations and sets standards of interaction for its own organizations, corporations and individual citizens. America will take part in a war that does not directly involve them in any way; why? Because there is a profit angle somewhere.

Iraq War - Chronology of an Unjust War

Pat Tillman: Iraq War Illegal and Unjust

Let’s watch, hear and read the opinions of others :

Social Injustice Darfur

Students for Social Justice

The one organization

Over 5 million people have died in D R Congo, since 1998. Communities have been torn apart as neighbour turns on neighbour, law and order disintegrates, and development grinds to a halt. Boys as young as seven are abducted into rebel militias, their mothers and sisters raped, and their fathers murdered. The tragedy seems overwhelming – but local peacebuilder Henri Ladyi is dedicated to making peace last.

There are ** => 15 African countries involved in wars.

There are magnificent critical thinkers out there who have examined the world’s disastrous conflicts and written noteworthy essays to help us understand our world better, and perhaps help improve it or guide it towards a more civilized and intelligent form. There are relevant critical political and scientific studies; read, learn and examine. We can go about our day and let the injustices continue, or find a way to stop them. After all we are members of an intelligent species who can think, decide, invent, create, discover and are capable of finding ways to change, as we have done with our sciences and technology.=>

=> War is over (if we want it) <=

Use art to turn the world inside out For sure this is one way; however, educating ourselves could be another way, it will give us insight/intuitions. Also, unifications is vital, to put an end to all horrible wars, created in Africa and Middle East for resources, free Markets and profits.

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