Environmental Protection Agencies

Examine Consider Act

There are many ways that we can contribute to clean water and healthy foods not produced by torturing animals. Without a healthy planet, all other problems that humanity faces will become increasingly difficult to solve…

As we all part of the rat race in one way or another, and most people are dealing with credit cards, loan, and mortgage payments, perhaps that hectic life doesn't leave much energy to deal with things that feel out of our control. We all start to believe that we cannot do anything about it. So, we arrive home exhausted and find ourselves living through our home entertainment systems, which kills a lot of time and keeps us busy to not care or see what is happening around us. It doesn't have to be that way.
There are many Environmental Protection Agencies and all kinds of activist groups that you can connect with to help you express your desire that things be different. There are many scientific groups, magazines and the mighty internet that can educate us about how to protect our life and future generations here on our home, the third rock from the Sun. Below are some links, choices that may suit you and help you to work together with others. We all know everything is linked: climate change, our global economy, war, occupation of other countries under the name of peace-keeping to control wealth and the world economy….

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