Misused Earth back forward

Examine the Earth before we applied our footprint;

Consider our effects recently;

What Actions should we take to prevent more damage than we have already done...

From the time this intelligence species started to build advanced cities, railroads, steam engines, manufactories and more, it has drained the earth’s resources from within and above. By definition, the gadgets and objects we built were useful and/or interesting, but the unthinking waste and destructions that resulted began to take an ever-accumulating toll.
Before these advancements in technology and the consequent global hunger for resources, we used materials from the earth as we needed them.  For instance, people cut trees to build local housing, furnishings, tools, etc. at a rate that gave the forest resources a chance to re-grow.  Once we embarked upon an industrial scale of mass logging around the 1970s, we could not wait for decades-long re-growth of local materials, but had to move into resources further and further away, including tropical rainforests.  By thus dramatically reducing the stock of trees, we began to change climactic and ecological patterns in such a way as to both produce more CO2 and restrict the biosphere’s ability to reabsorb it.

The study of Restoration ecology is fairly new.  This is the scientific study and practice of renewing and restoring degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in our environment.
We must examine what we have done and are doing to our planet and think about what we might be able to do to change our aggressive use of our home; to find a way to use as much as we need sustainably rather than just for profit.

The explosive growth of vast urban areas both encroaches on valuable farmland and drains populations from farming activities.  What happens if we all move to cities and leave agricultural pursuits?
If the countryside is as pleasant and vibrant as any urban setting, and has the rich variety of arts and entertainment that attract people, I am sure some form of modern community-based farming can develop to provide healthy food, sufficient incomes, and dynamic societies.
Environmental issues affect all life on this planet from the smallest parasite to the entire human race.

There are many articles on the web to examine and ponder better ways of using our earth……..

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