" The Self "
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Homo sapiens first began to appear nearly 200,000 years ago. Scientist called them modern human in distinction to Heidelbergensis or Neanderthal. In those days, life was all about survival, hunting and keeping alive. Then we stepped out of our caves and started to farm and build cities. Since then, our footprint on our home planet has increased markedly. Along the way we have taken whatever we wanted, we have built cities, engaged in wars destroying those cities, and then rebuilt them again. Along the way our technology has advanced in many positive ways. On the other hand, it has also been used in many negative ways, such as use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Power, competition and greed has overcome the Homo Sapien, and “The Self” has become a large factor in our character.
Psychology explains the “self” as a cognitive and affective representation of one’s identity or one's experience. It also describes the “self” as the essential qualities that make a person distinct from others.
When I look around myself I see that competition and greed defines important characteristics of our society. One may say that greed is not that bad; look how it has helped many already rich people become even richer. But I ask what is the price for those rich getting richer. For instance CEOs cut jobs so they can save money, therefore, they will be paid more because they helped the owner to cut costs. The only “self” that the CEO thought about was himself, to the exclusion of others who need incomes to support their families and communities. So the cost of a richer CEO is a poorer worker. “The self” has become the core of Homo sapien life; everything “for me” and don't care about others. Greed and competition drives us to want what the next person has or more. Isn’t it a chaos that we have has a civilized world? The whole world is in turmoil, except North America and Western Europe, home of the leadership for the drive to coporatized globalization. In this chaos do we make our decisions and act rationally or irrationally? Are Homo Sapiens today being controlled indirectly by our mass media propaganda? Is the “Self” a by-product of the way we live our lives today or can we effectively take a communal viewpoint and fight for values beyond our self-interest? Do we act from good will or only self interest? What happened to the Homo sapiens that lived together, hunted together, helped and supported one another. When did we become so distant and indifferent to one another. When did we become a slave of the “Self?” Let’s break away from focusing only on our own personal interests and instead determine what the true values are in our daily lives. What determines our values; is it our upbringing? Is it our culture and community? Is it mass media propaganda? Is it our social group? If we feel we have lost our sense of values and are searching for how to retrieve them, where do we look? Let's find our values and fight for what is right on our home planet. As one big family, let's work on what is best for our Earth and its inhabitants.These are my questions for all those "selves" out there. Examine and analyze the world around you; consider what you can do to ease the pain, hunger, fears and suffering of the ones across the world who had done nothing to us and whose only fault is that they live in areas rich in resources; act and see what you can do to help or eliminate the suffering. The intelligent "Self" should be able to do so much:

Stop aggression created by the power-hungry "Self"

Stop the daft ones in power from gaining more "Self power"

Jeremy Corbyn MP - Stop the War Coalition

Joe Glenton - Afghanistan: Time to go.... London July 27, 2010

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