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Our world, our only home, is in distress, as are the Earthlings and all other living creatures on it. This is not new, as war has followed us since the beginning of our civilizations, led by the men of our planet.
The poems in my collection “Waiting” are of hurt places and the ways of our lives; the pain and sorrowful experiences of women throughout our history.
Pieces on brave selfless people who gave their lives for others and were killed, without others even knowing of their existence and who they were. My poems are - my aching heart.
I strongly believe there is only - One Planet Earth, One Human Race
We have discovered a lot about our home planet. - we now even know a lot about our universe…
but - we have not been able to keep the peace - live as civilized, thoughtful beings should live.
The “Self” which is a combination of greed, resentment, and competition, - is still the Master. 

So, remember:
“you are the power behind me, next to me
you are the one who shares this world with me
you are making it grow and develop
you can contribute to its happiness
you can make a difference
or be indifferent”


Wayde Compton 
The poems in “Waiting” by Nasreen Pejvack are poignant and profound, mingling place and subjective experience into one migratory opus.
To read these poems is to travel, and to return, and to never be the same after doing so.

Elizabeth Greene  
Nasreen Pejvack’s “Waiting” is a book of strong convictions: a plea for kindness to the earth, a plea for peace, a plea not to be indifferent to refugees, the casualties of war; but also a celebration of nature and love. These poems bravely take on the evils of the contemporary world, and by naming them, set the intention of righting them.

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