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Our Chaotic World and Writers' Responsibilities

  • Our world, a repetitive display of chaos and disorder
  • Huge scopes for the imagination for writers
  • How does this become a writer’s responsibility
  • How a writer can depict the ugly faces of war effectively
  • How to encourage the masses to get involved for solutions
  • How and where a writer’s work is involved with all that

Cultural Diversity

  • One Human Race
  • Many different practices and lifestyles
  • Understanding Diversity
  • What is Culture
  • Human diversity in intellectual achievements and characteristics
  • Living in harmony

Skilled Workers and Deskilling

  • Skilled-Worker and migration
  • Crushed hopes
  • Deskilling and underemployment
  • Deskilling professional women to care-aides
  • Canada has the most educated laborers
  • International migration
  • Health of workers
  • Social issues

Community and Global Awareness

  • Community learning
  • Community involvement
  • Global Learning
  • Global disorder and its effects on all
  • Individual belonging
  • Community belonging
  • Bringing it together - Mutual Amity

Wars & Conflict

  • Behaviour, conduct, deceptions, psychological effects of wars
  • Broken Economies
  • Distractions of urban life, environmental disasters
  • Broken spirits
  • How to prevent conflict (discussion)

Empowering Women

  • Who we are (discussion)
  • Ideas (discussion)
  • Motivations
  • Education
  • Needs
  • Barriers
  • Achievements


Contact: nasreen@examine-consider-act.ca


Nasreen Pejvack: Author & Workshop Facilitator:

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